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Year 6 transition week 2021



Students were invited to attend a week of transition at The Castle School based on their eligibility following meetings with feeder primary schools. Those specifically targeted were;

  1. Students eligible for pupil premium funding
  2. Students who are educationally disadvantaged due to significant gaps in learning 
  3. Students with SEND 
  4. Students who were highlighted as having specific vulnerabilities in forming sustained, supportive relationships with peers and adults

Each day, between 8 and 10 staff and 30 - 35 students attended these sessions.  Most students were the same ones each day.


A variety of activities were designed and delivered throughout the week to ensure the following objective were met;

  • Make lasting relationships with peers and adults at The Castle School
  • Engage in and enjoy learning both at school and beyond 
  • Their parents are supported in engaging with learning and wider opportunities offered by the school 
  • Attend school and arrive on time as often as their peers
  • Increase confidence and a range of skills, including basic life skills, social skills, communication, literacy and numeracy


Physical Education: A range of sporting activities such as dodgeball, cricket, athletics and football were used to promote physical activity, encourage cooperation, improve motor skills, coordination and spatial awareness.  Working together as a team developed opportunities for lasting relationships to be formed as well as demonstrating the types of activities that they would be actively taking part in once they joined The Castle School.  This helped remove any preconceived ideas or barriers to them taking part in PE.

Art: These sessions were designed to allow students to work independently, in a calm, focussed environment that allowed them the opportunity to develop their concentration skills.  The exercise allowed them to extend their knowledge of perspective techniques, provide an opportunity for creativity, following a process, whilst developing their basic numeracy skills of using a ruler to measure and draw accurate grids and using ratios progressively to create smooth tonal steps.

Design and Technology:  Teamwork, problem solving, communication and working collaboratively, in a pressured competitive environment was the focus during these sessions. Students were grouped together to create the tallest tower using a variety of materials in a timed competition.  Following this students had to design a casing that would stop an egg from cracking when dropped from a height.  Again, students were asked to give consideration to various material properties whilst working together, listening to different ideas and then creating the best design.

Food Technology: During this session students worked alone to follow a recipe, measuring ingredients accurately, operating the cooker (timing/setting temperature) and expanding in a given ratio (ingredients).  This helped students gain confidence, using basic life skills to a variety of produce to take home and share with their families.

Science: The rationale for these science sessions was to increase confidence in a practical subject using hazardous substances and techniques that year 7 students often worry about as it's not encountered at primary schools.  Students were given the opportunity to develop their teamwork and cooperation skills, whilst exploring using specialist equipment such as bunsen burners, indicators, acids and alkalis.


Total expenditure for the summer transition week was £9353.30.  This can be broken down into the following categories;

Staffing (including support staff)   =  £8435.20

Food costs (including hygiene training) =  £  478.02

Resources   =  £  440.08