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Catering & School Meals


Great tasting food that your children will love.

Aspens is the company chosen by your school to provide the meal service to our students. We specialise in providing catering to schools and colleges across the country.

The food children eat at school plays an important role in their well-being, and eating a well-balanced diet will not only maintain and improve their health, but will also set them on the right track for later life. We understand this and that’s why we are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is cooked in our kitchen.

Responsible catering

At Aspens - we take our responsibility of catering for today’s children and young adults seriously. All of our dishes are prepared everyday using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

Special Diets

The company firmly believes in providing high quality food for your child to enjoy that is safe to eat. Special diets are an integral part of our catering provision, whether as a result of an ethical or religious belief or a food intolerance or allergy.
We accept our duty to comply with the Food Information Regulation 2014 which states that allergen information must be provided for all food prepared and sold, and as such we are able to provide a meal for your child if they have a special dietary requirement. 

We regularly check the information from suppliers to see if there have been any ingredient changes. It is still important that our customers talk to us so we can work together and continue to provide meals that are safe for them to eat and in order for us to do this we require you to complete and return the special diets form to the school as soon as possible.

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We offer quality, variety and choice – at an affordable price. We purchase our food responsibly through a transparent process and we are proud to buy from British farmers and producers. Our suppliers are checked and validated by NSF, a global leader in supporting businesses to buy from assured supply chains

Buying British enables us to invest in local communities, reduce our food miles, and source a huge range of seasonal produce to incorporate into our menus.


We are committed to engaging with our schools and student body groups to reduce where at all possible the need for single use plastics, such as replacing them with more easily recycled cans etc.

We take our environmental impacts seriously and as such have taken steps to offset this through initiatives such as reducing the numbers of deliveries into sites, thereby reducing the amount of food miles. We also empower students to reduce, reuse and recycle through our marketing materials on site.

Free school meals

Did you know that your child might be entitled to free school meals? For more information and details on how to claim, visit our webpage /Free-School-Meals or

Great value for money

We have a range of meal deals on offer every day to help save money. Whether they want a hot meal or something to just grab and go, there will be an offer available. We also run a range guest offers and special theme days to create a buzz in the dining room.

The Aspens App

This is ideal for parents and students to check out what’s on offer for lunch with just a couple of presses on your smartphone. It’s simple enough – just search for the app at the App Store, install, add the unique PIN relating to your particular school and you will be able to view the current menu. Ask a member of the team or at the school office for your number.

Get in touch

Aspens are experts in school catering and have years of experience when it comes to school food. If you have any questions about our service, or any special dietary requirements - please get in touch. You can contact us via email on or call on 01905 759613. You will also find a host of information on our website –