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"Castle School Education Trust is committed to high quality education across the primary, secondary and sixth form key stages. Our schools cover the South Gloucestershire area. We encourage independence within each school within a strong framework of values."

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Times of the School Day

8.25 Staff on site and checked cover
8.35 Tutors in Tutor bases, ready to receive students
8.40 (bell)  Registration (students arriving after 8.40 are late)
8.50 Assembly (this follows a published rota)
9.00  Start of period 1
10.00 Students released for period 2
10.05  Start of period 2
11.05  Students released for break 11.05 – 11.25
11.25 (bell)  Movement to period 3 (a bell sounds)
11.30 Start of period 3
12.30 Students released for lunch 12.30 – 1.15
1.15 (bell) Movement to period 4 (a siren sounds on the field)
1.20  Start of period 4
2:20 Students released for period 5
2.25 Start of period 5
3.25   End of school day.