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Pupil Premium

The Government provides extra funding for students who are eligible for free school meals or Looked After children.  This group has been identified by the Government because research shows that nationally, students in these categories do significantly less well than other similar students. The funding is designed to help bridge the gap.  At Castle we are proud that we already have excellent personalised provision in place and look forward to the opportunity to further enhance and extend this provision through the use of this funding.

This additional funding is called Pupil Premium and is ring fenced from the school’s general budget.  It sits as a separate budget allocated on the basis of the number of students who qualify for Pupil Premium assistance.  For all such students, the school received approximately £131,000 during the 2014-15 academic year.

Use of Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Guarantee

In September 2013 we introduced our Pupil Premium Guarantee.  This guarantee uses part of the Pupil Premium to enhance and extend our current provision to ensure students whose parents and carers are on lower incomes are not disadvantaged in any way.

Our guarantee for every qualifying student will involve: 

£100 per student towards the cost of:

  • Uniform
  • Equipment
  • Educational Visits
  • Revision aids
  • Opportunities Week Activities

Guaranteed access to:

  • Extra provision, where needed, in English and Maths
  • The ‘L’ Club – homework and study support
  • Interventions such as mentoring, group activities and motivational activities
  • Personalised Careers advice at Key Stage 4

Our commitment to every student

Please rest assured that although the school is investing in this provision, no student will be allowed to fall behind and not achieve their potential. All students are consistently monitored and should they underperform they are entitled to help in improving their performance. The additional monies simply allow the school to add extra capacity to work we are already undertaking.

The Government has asked every school and college to make it clear where this money is being spent and the impact it is having on those young people who are eligible for Pupil Premium.

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